In any industry, farming is a challenging but fruitful business. You will need risk management, endurance, and immense resilience for your farm to thrive. Hemp farming isn’t exempted. While it can be rewarding and thrilling, hemp farming isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. One part of the job is to avoid common problems thrown your way.  

Luckily, there’s always a solution to every problem. That’s why before you buy femininized hemp seeds for your farm, here are several common issues to consider when farming hemp: 

Costs of Labor 

One of the most difficult issues in a lot of industries is finding and keeping qualified labor. You might find it extremely difficult to find the right assistance if you don’t plan properly. This is especially true once the growing and harvesting season starts. It can be challenging to calculate cultivation and labor costs. Aside from that, if you hire more than 20 individuals, local legislation might need your business to enter labor peace agreements. Handling lawyers and licensing while dealing with employees’ growing plans can quickly become a major investment that you might not be prepared for.  


While there is a huge increase in demand for all forms of hemp-based products, oversupply can still happen. This is particularly true since there’s also an increase in the number of cannabis farmers. The reason for this is that legalization laws are being approved in various states. Of course, you will also be attracted to farming hemp once you know that the average cost of a hemp product is $300 per ounce.  

According to a report, the United States has 285 acres of cannabis farms in 2019. Professionals also predict that by 2023, it will grow to 2.3 million acres. By 2025, the cannabis market in the United States might reach $35 billion in sales. Thus, it isn’t a surprise why there is an increase in the number of hemp farmers. Unfortunately, the demand/supply balance might take a while to become stable. Thus, you have to plan for the long-term as well, even if you are doing well in the short term.  

It does not matter if you’ve got a huge industrial facility or a small hemp farm. Oversupply can happen at any time. So, you should plan ahead and do your research as well. Your infrastructure for storage and processing can come in handy if you aren’t able to sell your products right away after harvesting.  

Quality of the Seed 

Every hemp farmer needs to pay close attention to genetics. It’s vital to have high-quality genetics to make sure clients and dispensaries keep coming back to purchase from you. Whenever you buy seeds, you might end up with unstable genetics. It does not matter if you purchase them from highly reliable suppliers. Aside from that, the plant might be too far into the vegetative stage when you realize they aren’t what you expected. Because of this, you can’t do anything about it.  

Luckily, if you choose the right hemp seed supplier, you can always guarantee that you have feminized hemp seed for your farm.